How to check cibil score online for free in India

How to check cibil score online for free in India?


If you are looking for checking CIBIL credit score for free, it is not possible with the official website of CIBIL. You have to make payment to check your CIBIL score in India. Actual CIBIL report that is not offered for free will include details on your transactions accurately. If the CIBIL score is greater than 750, 79% of the loans are used to get approved.  CIBIL transunion score ranges from 300 to 900.

How to check cibil score online for free in India?

However, there is an online tool developed for checking CIBIL score for free by an individual team. You can check the tool at They claim that you can check CIBIL score for free with an accuracy up to 93%. You can use this online tool if you are keen in checking CIBIL score for free just for a reference. We have given this information just for your reference. Please note that the accuracy of the cibil score for free will not be 100%. It is just to know the approximate cibil score that will be helpful for many of you in several instances instead of paying the amount and checking cibil score.

About CIBIL Score:

CIBIL score is a 3 digit numeric summary of your credit history as reported by banks and financial institutions. This score is used by credit institutions to know how likely you will pay back your loan. Based on this score, the credit institution will be able to take a decision on whether your loan application can be sanctioned. This score is based on your past pattern of credit usage and loan repayment behavior.

Cibil score is quite important when it comes to getting approval of home loans. If your cibil score is good, the probability of getting loans is higher. If your cibil score is bad, then the probability of your loan application getting rejected is higher.

Good Cibil score indicates the good credit history. Good credit history will yield you good cibil score which helps you in getting your loans approved quickly. 

If your cibil score is more than 750, you can expect your loan to get approved easily if you have valid documents.

If your cibil score is close to 900, the credit institution will mostly approve your loan application as they will have high confidence that you will pay back the loan correctly.

Official website for checking your cibil score is It is a self-service portal that has several features like:

  • Identifying the lender name and loan account number of an account on your credit report.
  • Check the current data reported for an account on your credit report.
  • Automated re-dispatch of your credit score and report
  • Status of your credit report dispatch.
  • Uploading KYC documents.

How to check Cibil score online in CIBIL website?

Step 1 - Check the required option from below 3 options.

  • Cibil score and report(cost is Rs.550 currently)
  • Bi-Annual subscription - 2 score reports(cost is Rs.800 currently)
  • Quarterly subscription - 4 score reports(cost is Rs.1200 currently)

Step 2 - Tell about yourself. Fill the required information first.

  • First name(mandatory)
  • Middle name
  • Last name(mandatory)
  • Date of birth(mandatory)
  • Gender(Select female or male)
  • Identity Proof(Select the type from Voter Id No., Pan Card No., Driving License or Passport number). 
  • Identity proof number
If you have just applied for passport, you can track passport status. Passport Seva kendra online portal is useful.

Step 3 - Enter your address, state, city, pin code, telephone type, telephone number and email address.

Step 4 - Enter the verification text and click on the check box if you agree to the terms and conditions.

Step 5 -  Click on 'Proceed to Payment' to make payment via net banking/ debit card or cash card.

Step 6 - Answer 3 - 5 questions about your loans and credit cards for authentication.

Payment modes allowed to check your CIBIL scores online:

Below are the payment modes available which can be used to pay to check your credit score.

  • Debit card payment
  • Cash card
  • Net banking payment.